Smaller exhibition spaces

Whenever you are setting your exhibition or trade show displays in an area with confined space, you need to pay special attention to make the best use of every inch of space you’ve got and make it work to your benefit. In such cases, there is an even greater need for careful planning and thorough examination of the possible solutions that will prove the most efficient in the given circumstances. A well-conceived and professionally designed exhibition on a smaller space will often yield the same or even more fruitful results as those set up in a wider area of exhibition place while keeping your costs on a much lower and manageable level.

Professional design according to your wishes

Careful planning with the help of our experienced staff will ensure that your exhibition keeps its aesthetics and functionality while being cost-efficient, flexible and easy to transport or rearrange. Our experts will carefully examine the characteristics of your specific situation and work with you to invent a way for the content of your exhibition to stand out from the multitude of other display sets on a trade show or a fair with its originality, visual attractiveness, and functionality. There is no universal solution to make the most out of a restricted space and means – every new situation represents a challenge on its own and requires a great deal of ingenuity and skill.

Our company has a long history of gaining extensive experience and know-how in designing, producing, and installing compact exhibition stands and functional customizable modular displays made out of wide range of materials that fit the style of your existing design and proven methods of promotion.

Apart from designing and producing your exhibition displays and stands, we offer the transport, placement, and arrangement of all the presenting material at the place of the event, complete with disassembly and transport to a storage place at the end of the event. This gives you a chance to focus on your presenting activities, while the experts take care of everything concerning the setting up an attractive and effective exhibition display to optimally support your efforts and help you achieve your desired objectives.

Special care to the specifics of a confined space

Making the best of your confined space on a trade show or any kind of exhibition place does not mean that you have to cram every available inch of space with the exhibition stands and other promotional material that you would set up if a more spacious area was available. Too much information and promotion elements compressed in a small space can avert the initial curious gaze of a visitor and can thus turn out as counter-productive to our cause. One must be careful not to compensate for the lack of effort in initial design and planning with gaudy and extravagant colors and shapes which hinder the functionality of your exhibition and its overall aesthetic impression by being out of proportion and consonance with the whole of your presentation.

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