Promotional stands

Promotional stands are among the simplest marketing materials. Nevertheless, they can be surprisingly effective and very useful for any business. They are also cheap and easy to customize, maybe they also allow for adjusting the messages on the spot. These and other reasons make for a convincing argument – promotional stands are worth at least considering if you’re equipping your business premises, expo booth, even the street outside your shop. You can expect to see the effect of your promotion even with the simplest and cheapest stands, which also means great return on your investment!

Promotional stands are useful for much more than promotions alone. They can be easily used for displaying informative messages, for example for directing your guests on an exhibition or event. If you’re imaginative enough, you can do wonders with a simple promotional stand. This means your promotional material will not stay hidden and forgotten, it will do its job and impress your target group.

Promotional stands for every occasion

We offer various models of promotional stands, as well as custom-made stands for your specific needs. This means you can always find the ideal product in our offer, even if you have specific requirements for your situation.

Judging by their popularity, penguin stands present an attractive solution for many advertisers. These simple stands offer all the best qualities of promotional stands – their design is simple and easy to use, but they still assure an impressive prominence of your promotional content. Penguin stands are minimalistic and portable, they can be used in all kinds of environments.

Even better choice for those looking for portable stands are roll-up stands which can be instantly folded and transported to some other location. Roll-up stands have a special system allowing the promotional print to be rolled on a cylinder for easy and compact storage, you have to simply unroll it and it’s ready to do its job.

Promotional stands for printed materials are especially popular. Not only display banner stands and stands for posters, but also holder stands for leaflets and other prints. Such stands are usually multifunctional anyway, so it’s no wonder they are frequently used in various situations. Leaflet stands are among the most versatile marketing materials.

Custom-made stands

If your have any special requests, we can make custom-made promotional stands based on your requirements. There are special display banner stands that are almost always custom-made, for example pop-up walls for exhibitions and events. Such stands are made in larger dimensions and equipped with custom content for any special occasion, it can be made in one piece or pieced together for even larger surface.

Even the simpler promotional stands can be custom-made. We can fulfil every request and achieve the best possible effectiveness of the material. Almost every part of the stand can be adjusted according to your need, which means we can design the perfect product for your promotional campaign, making the eventual success guaranteed. We can also design and print your promotional content to go with the custom-made stand.

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