Exhibition walls

There is definitely an important place for details and fine-tuning your exhibition stand and presentation, but let’s start with the basics. No one will direct their attention toward your presentation if you don’t attract and invite them. Start with powerful eye-catching elements that will prepare the floor for the eventual presentation! Size matters, especially at events with many exhibitors and limited opportunity for first impression. You have to impress and convince right away – do this with professionally made exhibition booth, complete with all the necessary equipment and accessories. But focus your attention first on the most prominent elements, start with exhibition walls that offer the foundation for your whole presentation. You can easily catch all the attention you need with an impressive display wall, just don’t neglect the potential of this piece of exhibition equipment!

Instant makeover of your presentation

Carefully designed display walls are very effective at shaping the experience of your audience. The wall surrounding your booth can make or break your presentation, so you can’t afford any mistakes. Luckily for you, there are several options and opportunities to really impress with your exhibition just on account of a suitable display wall!

The structure of the wall is usually as simple as possible, the functional role of the element being separation of neighboring booths and keeping the attention of the audience fixed on your presentation. The walls are frequently modular and made of multiple panels, but can also come in one piece. No matter the variant, the primary goal of this element is to contain attention and provide a stable, reliable separation of your booth. It’s worth to pay some attention to positioning the wall as well – it can do wonders for efficient utilization of the available area, as well as it can create a memorable experience with creative shapes and positions.

Positioning your trade show displays can crucially affect the effectiveness of your promotion, but that can be even further enhanced (or mediated) by the content of your wall. Although even a blank expo wall will meet its purpose, it’s much more sensible to design the wall carefully and supplement its function with aesthetic and promotional value of the content. That’s what the colorful eye-catching expo walls are all about! You can easily attract the attention of your audience with a big and exceptionally noticeable display wall behind your presentation, or you can take it even a step further with innovative custom-made walls to fit your special needs!

Amaze with confidence

You can help your efforts greatly with employing some creativity and even high-tech into your exhibition. Think about 3D exhibit effects, maybe even optical illusions and other effects achievable by simply creating and placing the wall elements around your display. If you want to go all out on your exhibition, a video wall is the way to go – video walls allow for complete flexibility and guarantee you the wow-factor needed for comfortable execution of your presentation!

To amaze with confidence, you’ll need a reliable and capable equipment. Professionally planed, designed, and constructed exhibition stand is the only choice that can assure a confident delivery of your presentation. We offer all kinds of exhibition walls (along with other expo equipment) to enhance a custom made or generic exhibition stall. We are innovative and creative when needed, offering you the best possible effect of your expo equipment. Don’t hesitate, take full advantage of all the potential hidden in eye-catching exposition walls!

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