Expo logistics

It’s understandable that most of your attention is focused on designing the exhibition booth and preparing the presentation that will impress the audience of a trade show or other event. There are many tasks that require a lot of attention and work to complete successfully, and many factors affect the final result of your expo appearance. But let’s not forget about all the behind the scenes stuff needed to make your presentation flawlessly prepared executed.

One important, but often overlooked part of your expo appearance is logistics. No matter how well-designed your booth is and how effective your accessories are supposed to be, you will achieve exactly nothing if you don’t manage to transport your equipment to the place of the event. It can be a big project, too – even a simple booth won’t fit into a car, you’ll need to provide a special transport, especially if you have a larger booth with additional equipment.

The best solution for expo logistics is the services of professional providers. Leave all the hard work to a business partner that will take care of the many logistical challenges with your expo presentation.

Complete logistical solutions for your project

We are able to provide a complete service of logistics support even for the most demanding clients. The most important task is usually the transport of your equipment, but our complete support can help you with various other tasks. No matter the complexity and difficulty, we will carry out the whole project without delays and problems!

Logistical coordination

There is a surprising amount of logistical coordination needed to successfully execute the exhibition you’re planning. The equipment is usually not created at the location of the presentation and often has to be transported between multiple places even in the process of designing and constructing it. Then comes the big job of getting all the needed equipment to the venue, which can be difficult with delicate constructions and abundant accessories. But that’s just the beginning, we don’t offer just expo transport, we do the installation of your equipment as well.

When the equipment is transported to the venue, it can’t be just left there. It must be stored appropriately or set up immediately. We can offer both storage and installation at the location, so you don’t have to worry about that. After the presentation is done, we will dismantle the booth, pack all the equipment up, clean the place and take the cargo out to store, return, or deliver it to your address.

With difficult expo logistics, a reliable partner is indispensable. Trust us with your logistics needs and focus your attention to other obligations instead. With our flexibility and experience, we can provide the perfect logistical solution for every project. We are experts at planning and executing expo transport of various cargo, completing even the most difficult projects with success. We understand your goal is to give a flawless presentation without any complications behind the scenes – with our reliable and flexible logistical solutions, you can be completely carefree!  

Drugi prevozi

Za prevoz opreme bomo poskrbeli tudi potem, ko bo prireditev zaključena. Prostor bo treba namreč pospraviti, opremo pa razstaviti in odpeljati. Nič manj pomembno ni, da tudi za odvoz sejemske opreme najamete zanesljivega strokovnjaka, čeprav ni več takšnega pritiska za pravočasno dostavo – gotovo se ne želite po napornem dnevu na razstavišču ukvarjati še z nevšečnostmi pri transportu opreme.

Prevoz materiala in opreme za sejemske postavitve dopolnimo še s spremljevalnimi storitvami, na primer z montažnimi deli, pa tudi s skladiščenjem in drugimi logističnimi opravili. Tako vas bomo povsem razbremenili in hkrati kar najbolje poskrbeli za vašo sejemsko opremo!

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