Electroluminescent signs and displays

Which promotional materials attract the most attention? Surely those that target your audience with a bright illuminated message! Electroluminescent signs and displays are perfect for those seeking the best possible effectiveness of their promotion; illuminated messages will reach a far broader share of your target audience. In most environments, advertisements of this kind will stand out, they will get noticed more, of course they will also be more effective thanks to that. Not only this, but the EL signs and displays are also quite versatile and surprisingly simple to use, which compliments their effectiveness perfectly.

Impress your audience with maximal creativity

Electroluminescent signs and displays are ideal for creative advertisers that want to take full advantage of the flexibility of this medium. EL displays are highly customizable and, with the investment of your imagination, allow for amazing products. Instead of using the same old and boring promotional materials, try something new – enjoy the refreshing look and effectiveness of electroluminescent displays!

With custom-made EL signs and displays, your creativity really comes to light! This is a great opportunity for those that follow the marketing trends and response from their target audience – based on such information, you can fine-tune your advertising content and we can make an EL display of unparalleled effectiveness. The content of your new electroluminescent promotional material is limited only by your imagination; we offer highly customizable products with shapes, dimensions, colors, and content adjustable to fit your requirements.

Professional design of promotional signs

You don’t have to invest your valuable time in planning and designing the content for your promo material; we can do it for you! With professional design of electroluminescent signs and displays, we relieve you of all the work and worries. We can take over the whole project and produce amazing customized promotional materials from scratch!

With professional consulting, your electroluminescent sign or display will be optimally adjusted for the intended purpose. We can take full advantage of the specific qualities of this promotional item, opening up a myriad of creative possibilities. Electroluminescence is the main selling point of EL signs and displays, and it can also be customized – beside static luminescence, the sign can produce dynamic lighting in various colors and variants. These and other properties can be adjusted for the best possible effectiveness of the end product.

Electroluminescent signs and displays offer a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, lighting, and other factors that open up the possibilities of customization. Your content can be optimally adjusted according to your wishes and purposes. With professional design and attentive content creation, we take upon ourselves to fulfil your wishes and provide you with the best possible results.

Luminescent signs for all your needs

Advertisement is the logical use of electroluminescent signs, but other roles fit these items just as well. If you need to attract the attention, EL signs are the way to go, no matter the final purpose of the message. No wonder such signs are often used in marking, informing, and directing, especially in the environments unsuitable to the usual marking signs. Illuminated signs are the most effective at getting your message across in the surroundings with bad lighting.

Electroluminescent signs and displays are usually thought to be advanced marketing materials, but they are suitable for novice advertisers as well. They are relatively simple to use, don’t use a lot of electricity, they also don’t need special attention and maintenance. They are truly versatile, undoubtedly the right choice even for you – we will gladly advise you and help with planning, designing, and creating your new electroluminescent sign!

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