Technical services

The technical part of trade shows can be an enormous challenge, so you are certainly better off if you do not tackle it yourself but rather leave it to experts. The technical equipment cannot break down in the crucial moments of the show when the venue is full of impatient guests – this would have a catastrophic impact on the event. We will make sure this does not happen. As experienced professionals, we can perform the complete technical execution of your trade show or can run some individual services. The choice is up to you, but it is certainly wise to acknowledge the importance of the fact that the complete, interconnected set of technical services operates flawlessly without disturbances.

We take care of all technical services

All technical services connected to the organization of trade shows can be left to us completely. One of our most important jobs is the design of your exhibition stand. Our booth services will ensure a well-arranged booth which will have an attractive appearance, practical functionality and any special technical features you might desire, such as, for example, specialized lighting equipment, various displays and even LED flooring. The most obvious tasks are probably the installation of trade show equipment and placement of the furniture, but the complete technical execution of a trade show also includes a lot of small details that need to be taken care of as well.

There is no need to worry, however, the booth service will be our responsibility, so you will be able to direct your undivided attention to the numerous other tasks connected with the organization of a trade show. After the placement of a trade show is complete we will concentrate on other assignments, particularly the supply of electricity through every part of the venue, including each individual booth. An undisturbed flow of electricity will enable flawless operation of various essential components of a trade show, such as the overall trade show lighting, stage lighting, the sound system and electronic decorative elements such as LED flooring and digital signage.

A particularly challenging task is the establishment of exhibition lighting system. Trade show lighting across the venue and in exhibition stands requires specialized equipment, same goes for stage lighting, so their complicated design should only be attempted by experienced professionals who know exactly what they are doing. In any case, a reliable inflow of electrical energy is the crucial part of the technical part of trade shows which enables a flawless execution of the event.

Services in the background

Taking care of the design of a trade show, booths service, placement of furniture and the electrical wiring are our main tasks. They enable the proper operation of all the equipment, the sound system, exhibition lighting, stage lighting and so much more. This relieves you of many responsibilities, so you can approach the trade show with a relaxed, stress-free approach, which is undoubtedly associated with a good presentation.

After the end of the trade show, however, there are still tasks in the background that need to be carried out. A trade show is a strenuous event to hold, so the last thing you want to do after it finishes is to clean up and deal with the equipment. Again, we come to the rescue by clearing up the venue, the transport of equipment and, if necessary, the storage. We will be a valuable and dependable business partner, who will help you plan and execute an enjoyable, widely successful trade show.

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