Exhibition signage

Often when we set out to advertise our products or services at a fair, we find ourselves surrounded with many competitors offering similar services, so it is of utmost importance for the success of our exhibition to attract the attention of our potential customers with outstanding and attractive exhibition signage. We offer our extensive expertise to design and install the optimal signage for the diversity of needs. Some kinds of exhibitions will work best with a well-tailored hanging sign, for others, the exceptional exhibition stand design can make all the difference they need to stand out from the crowd.

Design and creation of your signage

Whether you need a sign designed from scratch or you already have at your disposal your favorite signage that you used in the past and you want it to perform as successfully as possible at your next event, we will take great care to customize your signs to fit the specific situation. Our designers will carefully examine the style of your existing logotypes and presentation material to create the inscriptions that follow the guidelines of your existing design. If you should wish so, they will also work with you to develop new design concepts that will work best in the specific environment of your next presentation.

We offer the design and creation of your signage on a wide range of materials, carefully selected to suit your presentation. Our experts will strive to make the style of your signs and the chosen materials match the general style of your exhibition while complying with your specific wishes and preferences. Our facilities offer the possibility of printing on various materials, the popular choices being paper, textile, and different kinds of foil. Some of our other most effective methods include engraving and cutting the materials to make intriguing three-dimensional signs and the inclusion of lighting effects for special conspicuity.

While unique, well designed, and well-positioned signs are great for attracting attention at your exhibition, the inscriptions on your booth and exhibition stands can play an important role in quickly and effectively providing the visitors with the most important information that you want them to receive as soon as they enter your exhibition space.

The optimal design and positioning

The optimal design and positioning of you signs and inscriptions can work as the best kind of decoration that your booth needs to ensure that the visitors have a pleasant time visiting your exhibition, to feel comfortable and encouraged to stay and learn more about the subject of your presentation. We are well aware of the impacts that carefully chosen and professionally executed styles of inscriptions have on our perception of the contents they carry. For that reason, we pay special attention that the signs and inscriptions look visually pleasant as much as they send a clear message of competence and professionalism.

The signage of your exhibition has an indispensable role in inviting, informing and inducing the wish to engage closely with the subjects of your exhibition, so don’t miss the chance to use our advice and expertise to enhance your presentation and give it the cutting edge it needs to yield the results that your endeavor deserves!

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