Lighting has the most important role when it comes to the execution of various events, presentations, promotions and other social gatherings. Do not disregard the importance of a quality lighting system because it can cost you your event’s success. A better option is leaving the illumination of your gathering to the experienced professionals. We offer the rental of lighting equipment as well as help will the planning and the installation of the entire system.

Effective lighting is of key importance in different environments. In addition to the organization of events and social gatherings, it is also imperative for special occasions in business locations, exhibitions, promotional stands and other environments. Regardless of the occasion, we offer the best solution – the rental of lightning, which we adjust according to your needs and wishes, so we can find an effective solution together.

Lighting for events

We pay a lot of attention to lighting for events as our clients are most demanding in this area. Of course, common ceiling illuminants are not enough in this case. The same goes for the majority of other available illuminants – instead, we offer the finest equipment for the animated laser and LED lighting!

This kind of lighting is mainly intended for parties, celebrations and similar social gatherings. Advanced equipment enables us to design dynamic visual effects: from laser ray choreographies to illuminated signs and the drawing of motifs on walls, ceiling or floor. Such visual effects are remarkable and will brighten any party in a second! In addition to that, they also enable a lot of adjustability so they can be optimized for any event – a convincing effect can be produced by the display of ready-made messages and figures.

The rental of lighting for events is a great option for those who want to enjoy visual effects and impress their event’s guests for a very affordable price.

Indoor lighting

Lightning is mainly used in business locations. We pay the most attention to shops and exhibition sites as light can be an effective promotional method if used correctly. We carefully plan and install the lighting – indoors, this is mainly LED lighting produced by various ceiling illuminants. The options, however, are practically endless.

We can also design the lighting for those who are in the process of furnishing a particular area. Not only are we experienced in the furnishing of trade show stands, kiosks and other promotional placements, but we are also willing to tackle other challenging tasks. Built-in LED lights are very useful in such cases as they allow a lot of freedom in the management of the lighting.

We offer the rental of lighting as well as some accompanying services of the planning and the installation of a complete indoor lighting system.

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is mainly used for the illumination of streets, parking lots, courtyards and other areas. This kind of lighting has to be effective and reliable but also energy-saving. All these qualities can be found in illuminants which we offer. LED lighting is usually best for outdoor use as well. It is especially suitable for economical users, but definitely has some other advantages in addition to its energy-saving features.

Outdoor lighting is often perfect for illumination of various events and activities, where the rental of lighting seems to be the best choice – for a bargain price, you can equip yourself with quality lighting equipment, which will illuminate every dark corner of your event’s location. We are very adaptable when it comes to the rental of lighting, we offer perfect lighting according to your wishes and needs!

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