Storage of equipment

It will not be possible to execute a trade show presentation or any other event without suitable equipment. Even the shortest delay of the delivery or the setting of equipment can lead to a catastrophe, it is even possible you will need to cancel your event or your attendance to the event if the equipment is not available. Luckily, we offer a solution that completely erases such risk – the storage of equipment in the vicinity of your event’s location.

The second reason to opt for our equipment storage services is that only suitably kept and secured equipment will be able to do its job properly. With proper storage, we enable further use of sensitive equipment and lower the costs of the organization of trade shows or other events.

A rounded offer of logistic services

The storage of trade show equipment rounds up our offer of logistic services, which we use to fulfil the wishes of even the most demanding customers. A warehouse abroad or near a remote exhibition site is a big advantage, which will certainly be exploited by exhibitioners, especially if we simultaneously offer other logistic services as well.

The storage is usually performed in connection with the delivery or the conveyance of equipment. We can also offer our own warehouse or we can transport the equipment to another storage facility. It is however important that the warehouse is conveniently located near the area of your event so your equipment is always within reach. At the same time, we can also make our job a little easier – in addition to the storage, we can simply arrange the delivery to the trade show location and the installation on the site. This is much easier if all of the equipment is kept in a nearby storage facility and is ready for transportation.

The advantages of the trade show equipment storage also prove useful when the trade show is finished. When this happens, we clear up the location and disassemble as well as transport the equipment to a warehouse. Surely, the person in charge will not appreciate additional work after a long day, so our logistic services are designed in a way that relieves the client of extra responsibilities. We take care of everything. Firstly, we arrange the disassembling and loading of the equipment and after that, we transport the set to a storage facility, where we put it away so it can safely wait for the next occasion.

Reliable storage brings even more

You might think that storage of trade show equipment, as well as other types of equipment, is only a matter of location, but in reality, we can accomplish much more with a good warehouse. It is thus certainly a wise decision to leave the equipment storage to professionals who will be able to take advantage of all the benefits of this service.Trade show equipment should be properly protected and suitably stored because this helps you lower the costs of trade show presentations. Often, the elements of trade show equipment are custom-made or at least readjusted for a concrete purpose so you will not be able to simply exchange or replace them. With better protection, you will be able to use them again and avoid investing in the production of new, custom-made trade show equipment elements over and over again.

With reliable storage, the equipment will always be ready and available for use. The arrangement of the trade show will be quick and easy, same goes for the use of equipment during the organization of a certain event. You will also avoid the need for time-consuming, long-distance transportation, which will drastically lower the risk of damage to the equipment, delays or any other nuisance that likes to appear when it comes to trade show equipment. Do not take risks, choose a reliable business partner for the organization of storage and other logistic processes.

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