There’s simply not much to do without furniture. Every room needs at least some pieces of furniture, preferably the whole set, while some rooms require specialized furniture for specific purposes. Don’t hold back, invest in reliable and long-lasting equipment that will do its job for years to come – even in the harshest of environments.

We are primarily focused on constructing store and expo furniture, but our expertise in custom-made furniture makes us competent in producing other specialized pieces and home furniture as well. We are prepared for all kinds of projects, confident we can produce top-quality custom-made furniture for every need!

Expo furniture

Most of our custom-made equipment is made for expositions, exhibitions, fairs, and other events where you can set up your booth or stand and present your offer. Most of the expositions provide the exhibitors only a small area of the floor to work with. There is generally also an access to electricity and internet, but any furniture is rarely included. Even if it was, you need specialized expo furniture if you want to succeed with your carefully planed presentation as imagined.

Not only will you need specialized furniture, expo can also be rather demanding in this regard. That’s why we recommend collaborating on such a project with an experienced partner. Making furniture is not just producing the pieces, it takes a lot of planning, designing, and preparing. Our expertise and experience allow us to confidently offer our services to even the most demanding clients seeking custom-made expo furniture.

Industrial furniture

We also excel at producing specialized industrial furniture for use in various harsh environments. That can be a simple shop where the furniture is in constant use and under threat of bumps, knocks, and other accidents. Or it can be a proper industrial plant with heavy machinery, frequent mechanical stresses, and even chemical dangers. No matter the situation, harsh conditions call for durable and reliable furniture, often for special adaptations to combat specific threats of the workplace.

Industrial furniture has to be custom-made according to the requirements of the environment. It’s not enough to produce a durable and long-lasting piece, it has to be thoroughly adapted to all the threats it will encounter in its long-term use, as well as to the possible accidents and unplanned impacts. Again, you’ll get the best odds with an experienced partner producing top-quality furniture!

Home furniture

Home furniture presents a different set of challenges. It’s still important for the furniture to be reliable and durable, but it should also have a priority of comfort and functionality. Let’s not forget about the aesthetics and safety, both of which are often priorities for some users.

We specialize in kitchen furniture and can create whole sets of custom-made home furniture. With our abilities and capacities, we can equip other rooms or the whole apartment as well. On the other hand, we also make single pieces and smaller sets of furniture. All the furniture from our production is adapted to its role and prepared for long-term use.

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