The sound system

We are not solely the people who rent equipment. When it comes to the organization of your event we take the role of a business partner who is in charge of an impeccable execution of the video projection. If you wish, we can take over this task completely and make sure the technical execution of the event is flawless or we can supervise only certain assignments.

Even if you plan on carrying out the entire event on your own and you only need equipment, we can help with our professional council regarding the placement and the use of equipment. We will make the renting process as easy as possible, so the whole experience will be positive and carefree.

We try to offer only the best to our clients – the best projection equipment as well as the best renting experience. Seize the opportunity and equip yourself with excellent video projection equipment at a low price.

The sound system for larger events

The sound system of events is a challenge in itself, but it is even more challenging to maintain an adequate sound system for larger events. It is certain that you will need more powerful equipment in that case, probably also a higher amount of speakers as well as more advanced devices for the control and management of the sound system. It would be very difficult to design such an audio system on your own, so you should leave it to the experienced professionals.

A professional sound system can make a huge difference in larger events. The complete flawless execution of the event, which includes the technical part, is a big plus and a reason for satisfaction. Predominately, the real effect will be seen in the participants’ enthusiastic response. This is especially true for larger events where the sound system is in the center of attention – those are mainly concerts, where a lot depends on the proper sound system.

For events that require special sound system adaptations, we offer the rental of the finest professional devices, which are suitable for concerts as well. We are aware of the fact that a good sound system is of vital importance, so we do not make compromises when it comes to such equipment – we offer only the best sound system devices.

Professional execution of the sound system

The rental of the sound system is only one among options that are available. For many clients, this will be enough, but others might be interested in the additional offer of services from this area. We introduce such curious individuals to the possibility of a professional execution of your event’s sound system, or better yet, a complete technical execution of your event.

The sound system is a demanding and time-consuming task, even with the finest rented equipment. To avoid the tedious and challenging assignments that come along with the organization of the sound system, you can make use of our complete technical execution services. In addition to the rental of equipment, you also get a professional placement and establishment of the system as well as the control and management of the event’s audio network. There will be no surprises and no disappointments – the sound system will be flawless and awe-inspiring through the entire process of your event.

While you can either choose the rental of equipment or a complete technical execution of your event, we also offer intermediate options. You might only need a professional advice or would like a detailed plan of the sound system. We are adaptable and ready to help – make your wishes and needs known. We will ensure the finest sound system for your event!

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