Textile printing

Textile printing opens a wide range of possibilities, you only need to choose the one that will have the best effect. This includes opting for the best professional company that will be able to create such products – the choice will be simple once you hear about our textile printing service that can impress even our most demanding clients.

The biggest advantage of textile printing is mainly the everyday use of the products in question. With this type of printing, we create promotional materials that can be worn regularly, for weeks, months or even years to come. This is, however, only possible if we trust the job to experienced professionals and select quality fabrics that will make impressive advertising tools.

Textile printing and its endless possibilities

Textile printing is perfect for those who enjoy having many choices. The obvious one is T-shirt printing, but this is certainly not all that we offer. Our professional knowledge and powerful equipment enable us to offer many other wonderful textile products. While T-shirts are still the most popular product of textile printing, we can also print on other types of clothes such as, for example, hats, umbrellas and bags. Often, we decorate flagpoles with beautifully printed flags, we print on keychains and create wonderful aprons for everyday use. That is not all, though! The more abstract products are paintings that can also be created with textile printing. Paintings created in such a way are made with the use of a canvas which ensures a very aesthetically pleasing result and an effective means of promotion.

Not only is there a variety of different types of textile materials we can use for our promotional products, but we can use different types of textile printing as well. To achieve the best possible results we use sublimation printing. The process of sublimation enables the dying of textiles with solid matter. In contrast to other techniques, sublimation printing does not layer paint onto the textile surface, but directly colors the fibers. The quality of this type of printing is superb, limiting the lifespan of the product solely by the durability of the fabric.

We are known for our quality!

Textile printing is also performed with other techniques, which each have their own specific qualities. Screen printing is especially effective with larger quantities and regularly produces wonderful results. One of the more popular types of printing is digital textile printing. Digital textile printing is mainly used for the production of very high-quality products. The glamorous, lively colors and high resolution of digital printing on fabric will certainly impress anyone. With its modern technology, digital textile printing stimulates creativity and enables the creation of even more complex and sophisticated designs, which is why it is quickly becoming a widely-made choice for those who want the best promotional materials out there.

When it comes to textile printing, it is of vital importance to choose quality materials. The quality of printing is, certainly, no less important. Whether we decide for sublimation printing, screen printing or digital printing on fabric, we always make sure the quality is our first priority. This is especially true with digital textile printing, which enables us to create the finest promotional products. Our offer will take care of every one of your wishes. Whether you want a lively T-shirt made with digital printing on fabric, a decorative canvas painting or anything else, we can get it for you. We will show you our complete adaptability and out-of-the-box creativity, so you will be amazed by the final result.

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