Magnetic levitating display

The ultimate promotional item that will take the breath away and lock the attention of your target audience – magnetic levitating display is really a marvel of modern technology, now available to anyone seeking maximal effectiveness of their promotions!

Forget flyers and leaflets, signs, boards, and stand. When it’s time to present a new product, it’s best to let the item speak for itself. The only thing you need to do is to provide it with a suitable platform – a floating one in this case! With a magnetic floating display, you will beat your competition and gain attention of the public. Your product will promote itself, it’s up to you to simply finalize the sales and reap the rewards. But before that, it’s up to you to acquire a levitating display and prepare the presentation. And it’s up to us to provide the display suited for your needs!

Optimize the guaranteed success

It’s hard to imagine your presentation failing if you use a magnetic floating display. Failing is not a concern, but there is something to be done to optimize the final success. It starts with the display itself, which can be customized to a quite high degree.

Magnetic levitating displays use magnets to create the effect of levitation. Magnets are conveniently hidden inside the frame of the display to keep the magic intact, but also to allow freely shaping the frame while keeping the base functionality intact. This means the shape of the display is adjustable to your requirements, we can design the display specially for the product or products you intend to display. Adapting the display to the specifics of your presentation also means optimizing the success of your promotion!

If you’d rather keep it simple and rely on the elegance of regular shapes and sizes, a magnetic floating display can still be customizable. The body itself can be painted and enhanced with custom promotional messages. You can simply display your logo or important information right next to the floating product, ensuring a surreal and wholesome experience. You can even incorporate the display into your expo booth or other suitable place, maybe even into furniture of your exhibition. With some creativity, the effects can be awesome!

We work with magic

Leave the magic to us. You don’t need to know anything about magnets or levitation to take advantage of all the potential this display offers. We will prepare the display for you, it will be ready to use and ready to amaze when you get it. A magnetic levitating display is surprisingly simple to use, you just need a source of electricity for it to work. Position the display, then position the product into it, and your presentation is ready!

We excel at optimizing the effects of various promotional materials, magnetic floating displays are no exception. If your want to take full advantage of everything they have to offer, we can provide good advice and professional execution. We can supplement the display with ethereal LED lighting and go all out with the magic angle, or you can opt for elegant, sleek effect of pure levitation. In any case, you’re guaranteed to amaze your audience!

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